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Charity aspects

The initial phase of any project requires the determination of social establishments that require support. We already have a pool of hospitals, children’s and disabled homes along with needy individuals that we will make public in the near future on our website. The proceeds of a PARAMUSIX event will be donated to a particular pre determined purpose. This could be for much needed equipment for medical diagnosis, special therapy costs or the supply of musical instruments. In this way it is possible to create complete financial transparency for all of those supporting us in a particular project. A disabled person is a complete person and should be seen as such. What does a person need in life? Care, acknowledgment, meaningful occupation and love."

Anyone having previously dealt with mentally disabled people knows that despite their disability and limitations, they have the ability to make a very ‘normal’ contribution to our society with their warm hearted and spontaneous manner. A substantial strength of disabled people is their general ability to create enthusiasm and their feeling of solidarity within a group. Also very interesting is the strong distinctive character of the majority of mentally disabled people. Aspects of their nature tend to be more intensive due to a reduced cognitive reflective faculty as a result of their disability. Disabled people in particular seem to show intensive initial enjoyment in making music. They are also more easily motivated to devise self defined forms of expression in music, word and movement. Music teachers over the years have in many cases been able to observe an astounding sense of musicality, rhythm and artistic creativity in mentally disabled children – much more than would be expected from their level of disability.

Musical encouragement and support is a very important aspect of our work here at PARMUSIX because the musical "learning process" helps to develop numerous senses and levels of awareness. Sensory motorised implementation (listening - agitation, vision – agitation and feeling – agitation) leads to stimulation of different parts of the brain. This means stress free learning and proactive pleasure as well as acknowledgment and a substantial gain in quality of life. Unfortunately up to now there has not been much to offer in the field of musical promotion for the disabled. PARAMUSIX would like to change this and offers an effective contribution with your support.




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  • Concert Wiesbaden